Installation: MDF-boards, satin, velvet, paper, cardboard, plastic,
spray paint, marking pen, feathers, gum, steel, rubber, 200x200x200 cm, 2008

"The interactive booth is made in anger and lust. Bitte Spritzen is made to arouse every sense. It's a pleasure for the eye, a nasty feeling against your fingertips and a sweet sensation in taste!

With raw walls made of MDF-boards, fierce neon graffiti covering parts of them and a tiny velvet curtain, it keeps nothing secret.

Porn, art, text and fabric stands out and makes its own statement, for you to interpret, and enjoy.

With the words "Plz seed", written on one of the booth walls the piece makes a statement about sharing and ownership of art and noise.

Many people did indeed seed during the exhibition. The walls got filled up with words, drawings and statements and the grass got stickier by each day...

What happens when you rip out a newspaper clip and put it in this context? What happens to fine art? What happens when you put explicit gay porn in a tender day lighted green park?

Bitte Spritzen is made in anger and in lust. It's a revolt for the right to have a sexuality, a key matter for every queer, queen and other, which often gets neglected in the gay-politics of today. Sex gets compromised in the chase for normality and acceptance."

Bitte Spritzen was created in 2008 and shown as an installation at Euro Pride in Stockholm.

Some of the art shown during the installation, original and reproduced, is made by; Loren Cameron, Beau, David La Chapelle, Taner Ceylan and Hans Gedda.

Photo by Björn K.



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