"I based the series on sketches. Drawing ink-images on coffeeshop-napkins and on my university desk. That became my raw material.
I got a cheap compact camera for christmas and took my first pictures."
C.U.M. (Cunt jUice & More) was the first photographic exhibition by Elinore Lindén Strand. It premièred at Café Edenborg in Gamla Stan, Stockholm in 2005.
The C.U.M. show raised an explicit voice. It was marketed as "feminist porn". It put on a strong hard stand in the feminist camps, taking on pornography as it had never been taken before.
Since most of the models participating in the project don’t want explicit pictures to be shown on the Internet, the material shown on this page is mere a selection from the show.
The series originally consist of sixteen images, all with different models, bodies and ideas.

Models shown here are Niclas Karlsson and Anna.


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