“Our thoughts were blurred. We wanted to shoot the biggest taboos for young women like ourselves – the hunger and desire for paistries and for sex.
We aimed for something close to shamelessness.”

In the fall of 2005 Elinore Lindén Strand and Laura Roselli started the Eat Me project about eating, desire, hunger and lust.
About societies mainstreamed eating-disorders and desexualisation of the female brain (or sluttyfication of the sexually active woman).

The photo-sessions stretched over two year’s time (05-06) and the entire show contains more than thirty exclusive pictures. It includes a grand variation of models, bodies and ideas.

Lindén Strand and Roselli were creative directors in cooperation with each one of the eleven participating models. Lindén Strand acted main photographer, she also edited all of the material and was head of digital re-mastering.

Since most of the models participating in the project don’t want explicit pictures to be shown on the Internet, there's only the Cotton Candy-picture on your left to enjoy in this digital forum.

The Eat Me project gave much inspiration to several of Lindén Strand’s following photo-series.

Model: Malena



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