White Chocolate is a series of three. The pictures were originally snapped in 05 for a special project but were restored and renewed in 2009 for an exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.
"I love men. With Kalle I discovered a new sense of man, a new sense of straight. A straightforward appearance which doesn't apologize or try to fit in.
Kalle trims the hair under his arms carefully, he pours baby oil on his tender sun kissed skin and he smiles at me with small sparkles in the corners of his eyes...
I’m fascinated by the way he poses and possesses. In my eyes he’s a living symbol of machismo, muscles and masculinity. He takes up an entire sidewalk when he’s out on town and he fills up at least one seat on the subway by pure attitude. Kalle beams out male power.
He is my biggest taboo, and yes... He is big.”
Model: "Kalle"



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